Our Philosophy

The staff at Evergreen Learning Center know that we have one of the most important jobs there is, taking care of your children. The program is designed to help guide the development of the whole child by helping each child develop skills in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas. This is achieved by having a program with both teacher led and child led activities. Learning at Evergreen Learning center consists of free play in our learning centers as well as table activities based off of our teacher planned curriculum and lots of outdoor exploration.

Curriculum Goals

Our goal is to help children:

  • Develop expressive and receptive oral language.
  • To become an independent thinker who is able to make choices and decisions.
  • Develop confidence in his/her ability to achieve goals through independent effort as well as teamwork.
  • Develop an understanding of feelings and how feelings motivate behavior; help the child gain control over how feelings are expressed and learn acceptable ways of dealing with, and expressing strong feelings.
  • Develop the social skills needed to be successful in interpersonal relations, to function successfully in the peer group and to learn from peers.
  • Learn to respect, value, and have tolerance for individual, cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity.
  • Develop interest and ability to process graphic symbols (such as letters, use of sign language) and associated pictures and language in its written form (early reading and writing).
  • Develop intellectual curiosity, skills in observing, problem solving, and learning through his/her efforts (science/math).
  • Provide information on, and experience with, the social and physical world that the child needs to function adequately (social studies).
  •  Develop the aesthetic sensibilities and horizons through artistic, academic, and intellectual experiences, especially art, music and creativity.